You know what time it is. It’s time to double-check those Christmas wish lists your kiddos gave you so you can make sure they have the best holiday ever…or at least until they present you with next year’s list…

Let’s take a deep dive into some hilarious Christmas lists from kids who will hopefully get everything they asked for this year…

1. “Fake head that is not alive.”

2. That’s a lot!

3. I want a scary ghost, too.

4. This kid is not messing around.

5. Have to include that trademark.

6. You did the right thing.

7. Color-coordinated.

8. You better make it happen.

9. Proper dictation.

10. Playing mind games.

11. You definitely need that intro.

12. All the way to the top.

13. That is sweet.

14. That’s quite a list.

15. I’m with him on this one.

What was on your kids’ lists?

What are the trendy toys this year?

Or maybe you just gave them a lump of coal?

Let us know in the comments!