Have you ever been to a White Elephant party before? Or perhaps you call it a Yankee Swap or a Dirty Santa party?

They’re a lot of fun – folks bring gifts to trade, and guests have the option to “steal” gifts from other people. It can get heated, and it’s even more fun when there are totally inappropriate presents involved!

If you’ve been to these parties, these will look familiar. If not, get yourself to one this year if you can!

1. You don’t say!

2. Uh oh…

3. Not gonna make it this year.

4. Some might even call it trash.

5. Might as well.

6. Swap with the Big Boss?

7. Might turn into a free-for-all.

8. Just like The Hunger Games.

9. They always dreamed of this.

10. Conspiracy theory.

11. Could be your meal ticket.

12. Mine!

13. Trying to tell you politely…

14. I’m here to file a complaint.

15. You won 2019.


Tell us all about your holiday parties this year!

How’d they go? Any drama? Any hilarity?

We’re dying to hear from you!