Have you checked your screen time report lately? If not, go ahead and take a look. We’ll wait for you…

Yikes, right?

It makes sense though, why our screen time has gone through the roof. Most of us are confined to our homes 99% of the time and the people we live with are driving us insane. So the only natural thing to do is stare at your phone and fall down various rabbit holes all day, right? And, as a result, our screen time reports are out of control.

These people know the truth…

1. You can’t even believe your eyes.

Is your mind blown?



I get it, okay?


3. Well, this is life now.

But hopefully not forever…

4. I don’t need any reminders.

Can we please change the subject?


5. That’s when you know it’s REALLY bad.

You’re doing the unthinkable.

6. Think about that one.

Maybe YOU’RE to blame?


7. Get out of my face.

And don’t come back!

8. You’re doing a great job!

Way to go! A whole 36 seconds!

9. Just checking in…

To make sure you’re not losing your mind…

10. How is this even possible?

Giving you a whole new perspective about time.

11. Hang your head in shame.

Look at what you’ve done!

12. Talk to the hand!

Because I don’t want to hear it.

13. That’s all anyone wants right now.

I hope we can all get together soon! Stay safe out there!

Hahahaha. Funny and, more importantly, accurate.

So how about you?

Have you looked into your screen time reports at all?

If so, tell us what they look like in the comments.

We want to hear from all of you out there!