I think we can all agree that what we’re living through right now is really hard and no one really saw it coming. People are stuck at home, out of work, and desperate for any kind of good news or enjoyment.

That’s why Ted and Ed, two giant teddy bears, are doing their part to bring a HUGE dose of wholesomeness to their neighborhood in England. The duo are known as “The Moors Bears”.

People in the area can routinely see Ted and Ed doing various chores in their front yard or having some fun and blowing off some steam. And the photos are great! Be sure to follow these lovable guys on Instagram and on Facebook.

Now, let’s see what they’ve been up around their neighborhood!

1. Ready for karate practice?

Wearing the whole get-up and everything.


2. Decided to read outside.

Hey, it was a nice day!


3. May the Fourth be with you!

We have a couple of Star Wars fans on our hands.


4. A lazy day in the yard.

Kick back and read the paper.


5. The car is getting a little dirty…

Let’s give it a wash!


6. Time to tee off.

Better keep an eye on Ted’s scorecard…


7. Game day!

What should we play first?


8. Doing some heavy lifting.

They need to finish that patio.


9. Household chores are never quite done, are they?

At least it’s a nice day outside.


10. The great outdoors.

Camping out sounds like fun right now.


11. You mow. I’ll rake.

Team work makes the dream work.


12. They are crafty bears, aren’t they?

They set up their own little sewing shop.


What a great idea! And what a great way to keep the spirits of people up during this whole mess!

What are people doing in your neighborhood or your town to try to be positive right now?

Please share your stories in the comments.

We look forward to hearing from you!