Don’t you just love those incidents when someone walks into, let’s say a hot dog joint and says, “do you guys serve hot dogs here?”

Well, what gave it away, buddy! The sign on the building that said HOT DOGS?!?!

My point is, if you work in food service, you have to deal with this kind of nonsense all the time. Dumb customers are a dime a dozen and you better believe that they start to get under your skin after a while.

Twitter users shared their funny tales about dealing with big dummies while working in food service.

Ugh…here we go…

1. Double stackers.

Furious folks out there.

2. How many pieces?

Come on!

3. I want to pay more!

Whatever you say!

4. Not the brightest person out there.

Ugghhh, what is wrong with everyone?

5. It’s your money…

Whatever you say, pal.

6. Let me see your manager.

I’m not weak!

7. I want KFC!

At McDonald’s…

8. Here comes a lecture.

Don’t you just love that?

9. That’s not what I want.

So listen up!

10. Time to hang up.

Just get out a tape measurer…

11. Let’s go over the options.

Not a latte!

Have you ever had any funny/ridiculous experiences in the service industry?

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