All customer service jobs force you to work with annoying members of the public, but there’s something about food service that really brings out the gems.

I guess it’s because people are being served, they think waiters and waitresses should go above and beyond, but a lot of them just act really STUPID.

And Twitter users really drove that point home with these stories of dealing with dumb customers.


1. We roared!

What was that all about?

2. Getting yelled at…

For that?!?!

3. Tell me about this cheese?

What do you call it?

4. You need to tell me!

About the dips!


Whatever you say…

6. Cheeseburger. Hold the cheese.

Say what?

7. Well, that’s a nice one.

Go easy on these folks!

8. Pizza talk.

Come on, people!

9. Get outta here!

That’s pretty rude.

10. Only half.

Doesn’t make much sense.

11. Oh, sorry about that.

What did you expect?

12. Why even order it?

People are strange.

If you’ve worked in a restaurant or any kind of food service job before, tell us your funny stories about really stupid customers.

Do it in the comments!

Please and thank you!