I was the fourth kid born in my family so, while my parents were definitely strict about some stuff, I had it MUCH easier than my older siblings.

Looking back on it, they were probably just tired and worn out by the time myself and my younger brother came around and didn’t want to deal with every single thing they’d already dealt with three times before.

And who can blame them?

But there were definitely a lot of rules and if you broke them, you were in trouble.

People took to Twitter to share the weird rules they had to follow when they were growing up.

Let’s take a look.

1. No gang activity in this house.

This had to have been the early 1990s.

2. Grease is a Satanic film.

And Rizzo was Satan.

3. How am I supposed to read this?

Come on! A little help!

4. A lot of food rules.

Were you allowed to speak?

5. Start over.

Do the whole thing again.

6. I broke my brain!

None of that devil music around here!

7. Never-ending rules.

That must’ve been a huge rule book.

8. That is weird.

I can think of things that look trashier.

9. You know the rules!

Even Frosted Flakes?

10. My friend…

This is perfectly normal behavior.

11. Time to sharpen up.

But you better be careful…

12. Sounds a little fishy…

And I can see why you’re confused.

Were your parents strict when you were growing up?

What kind of rules did you have to follow?

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