I have a feeling that these photos are going to make a lot of people very upset and very uncomfortable.

Because, as you know, people are really afraid of clowns.

Are you one of them? If so, you might want to avert your eyes right about now…

1. Holy sh*t.


2. Good God that is scary.


3. Do you want to party?

Photo Credit: Discogs

4. Nightmare fuel.


5. A sad, serious clown.


6. Clown power couple.

Photo Credit: Discogs

7. Run for the hills.

Photo Credit: Discogs

8. Absolutely terrifying.

Photo Credit: Discogs

9. Before…and after.

Photo Credit: Discogs

10. He was a singer: and he creeped people out.

Photo Credit: Discogs

I’d really like to listen to some of these albums and see how creepy they actually sound…