There’s been a funny trend lately on Twitter where parents joke about the ridiculous/false/misleading things they want to tell their impressionable kids, and the tweets are pretty darn amusing.

It’s fun to lie to your kids, right?!?! That’s right!

Here are 15 of the best…enjoy.

1. They’re a little older now.

2. That’s Honest Abe.

3. He looks…different.

4. A true genius.

5. They are to me.

6. Bieber Fever.

7. Hahaha. That’s pretty good.

8. Wait a second…

9. George, John, Paul, and Ringo.

10. The early years.

11. You’re not alone on that one.

12. Still missing at sea…

13. It’s Beyoncé!

14. He worked in fast food before politics.

15. Different kinds of vampires.

Hey, if you can’t BS your kids, are you even allowed to have any fun on this planet?

I don’t think so…