Now, this is the kind of wholesome goodness we need in the world right now!

No negativity, no judgment, just good, old-fashioned fun with Photoshop!

It’s become quite popular to replace guns in photos with a thumbs up, and why not?

The #thumbsandammo hashtag is quite delightful and provides a whole lot of entertainment.

Don’t believe me?

Let’s take a look!

1. A big one from The Rock.

Doesn’t he just look better without a gun?

2. We’ll all be back!

Thanks for looking out for us, Arnold.

3. Jim Carrey is ssssssmokin’!

It’s time to party!

4. You don’t want these two showing up at your door.

That would be a m*therf*ckin’ shame!

5. The Caped Crusader says all is good.

I wonder if the other guys who played Batman would agree.

6. Don’t f*ck with Chuck.

For those of you who don’t know, this is the cover of a great Chuck Norris film called Invasion U.S.A.

7. Thanks, Ripley!

She’ll be just fine battling aliens without firearms, right?

8. The one and only John Rambo.

Looks a little off but we like it!

9. Die Hard looks a lot different, huh?

I wonder how Bruce Willis is gonna be able to pull this off…

10. A classic shot from a John Woo film!

His movies would really make no sense without guns.

11. Sun’s out, thumbs out!

He’s giving all of us the right message.

Yeah! That’s the good stuff!

Have you seen any good or funny Photoshops like this or about other subjects lately?

Please share some funny mash-ups in the comments with us!