There’s a Facebook group for pretty much everything these days and this phenomenon is no exception.

A Facebook group called Bin Isolation Outing is a product of the unique times we live in because, well, nobody can really go anywhere right now. No bars, no restaurants, no parks, no gyms, etc.

So these folks in Australia are getting all gussied up in different outfits and costumes when it’s time to, you guessed it, take out the trash.

Hey, we all need to appreciate the little things right now, okay?

Let’s take a look at some photos from this group. It’s a lot of fun!

1. You look fabulous!

Read his caption, it’s pretty wonderful.

2. That is spot-on.

Up, Up, and away! Great job!

3. Where’s Waldo?

Oh, there he is!

4. Cruella de Vil is here!

With the Dalmations in tow!

5. Enchantment under the sea.

I think this was a perfectly fine life choice.

6. Still happy after all these years.

Lookin’ good out by the curb!

7. That is quite a get-up.

Lots of work went into this outfit.

8. Don’t ask any questions.

And mind your own business.

9. Maleficent for the win.

I’d say this is an accurate portrayal.

10. This is amazing.

Hannibal Lecter lives in your neighborhood…don’t cross him.

11. I am IRON MAN.

Superheroes have to take out the trash, too.

12. Wave at your subjects.

The Queen is here.

13. This fella looks sharp.

All decked out…and nowhere to go, unfortunately.

I told you this group was a lot of fun!

How are you holding up out there?

Are you getting dressed up at all these days? Maybe to unload the dishwasher or walk the dog?

Give us a life update in the comments, please!