We’ve been spending a lot of time deep down below the Earth lately, mining for gold…Twitter gold, that is!

Now how does that sound to you, partner!

Well, you better appreciate it, because we’ve been busting our humps and we think this collection of tweets is might fine.

So have a look-see for yourself and tell us what you think in the comments.


1. I’m holding out hope that this really exists.

It’s the little things that keep me going!

2. You showed her!

Next time she won’t talk trash, will she?

3. I’m on board with this idea.

It’s time for the rebranding of Bigfoot.

4. You’re gonna be a writer in no time!

You’ve already got most of it down.

5. I feel this deep in my soul.

Is this too much to ask?

6. Be careful with that thing!

You might have a big problem on your hands…

7. I’m down with this.

Let’s get going, it’s almost Bonky.

8. You can’t help yourself.

Eyes on the road, hands on the wheel!

9. I think that’s the right choice.

Why would you even bother?

10. A smart way to live.

You just never know…

11. This is a million-dollar idea.

Get on in, sir!

12. This would totally be worth the time and the money.

Make it happen, Doc!

What are some of the funny tweets that you’ve seen lately?

Or how about some funny memes, jokes, photos, or anything else that you think will make us laugh?

Share them in the comments so we can all have a laugh.

Thanks a lot!