Enjoy These Funny Tweets from Dads Who Are Raising Children


Moms and dads have a tough job raising those little monsters. But it’s all worth it, isn’t it? To experience the joy of molding little people to become productive members of society…

These dads were nice enough to post tweets about the trials and tribulations of raising children, and they sure are humorous.

Take a look. Do any of these situations look familiar to you?

1. No…it’s not.

2. Totally over it.

3. Whoopsy daisy!

4. Your time is up.

5. A lot to look forward to.

6. Thanks a lot…

7. Might as well use them.

8. Sounds fun, right?

9. A HUGE mistake.

10. Annoyed to the max.

11. What did you do?!?!

12. Non-stop commentary.

13. I think you mean all of them.

14. You’ll need a lifetime supply.

15. A major milestone.

To all the dads out there: keep up the great work!

If you have a funny photo or anecdote about raising your kiddos, share them with us in the comments!