You might be tempted to feel bad for these exceptional pooches, but don’t worry about them. Yes, they have to use wheelchairs for one reason or another, but they’re living their best lives, and they’re clearly very happy to have a new lease on life.

Enjoy these beautiful pics and videos of these pups zipping around.

1. I’m a huge fan of Moby!

2. Look at them go!

3. All those fall colors.

4. Awwwww. My heart is melting.

5. Atlas is doing great!

6. Let’s go for a stroll.

7. He even has a cool license plate.

8. A dynamic duo!

9. Don’t slow me down!

10. Gone, but not forgotten.

Wonderful, aren’t they? I think so.

If you have any pets that use devices like these, share some photos and stories with us in the comments!