Who doesn’t love dogs and cats?

I would really hope all of you do…or else what would you be doing here right now?

And I don’t want to hear any of this nonsense about people having to like one or the other. You can love dogs and cats equally, ya know?

Enjoy these funny posts about dogs and cats and remember to have a good day!

1. Blame it on the rain.

That dog sure is having a blast.

2. Awwww. Poor guy!

Just listen to those cries!

3. Never seen anything like that before.

Now that was impressive!

4. This dog isn’t quite sure what to do.

Do I swim? Do I stand still? Do I bark?

5. Teaching this pooch how to kiss.

Welp, that’s pretty adorable.

6. Best friends forever!

This is the kind of stuff I want to see! Right here!

7. Well, hello there.

This dog wasn’t even mad that you disturbed him!

8. The decoy worked! Look at that!

Good thinking, right here.

9. Out of your mind.

It might be time to take a mental health day.

10. Heidi sure is getting big!

What a cute pupper!

11. It’s gonna be a long day.

Pro tip: go sleep in your car during your lunch break!

12. This is now my territory.

Can’t we all just get along?

13. This is never a pleasant situation.

By the way, that means there’s a ghost in your house. Just so you know.

Now we want to meet your pets!

In the comments, please share some photos of your dogs and cats with us.

And tell us a little bit about them! Thanks!