You’ve probably heard before that some people, for some reason, end up looking like their pets…or their pets end up looking like them.

Or maybe it was just fate that they found each other and they were destined to be together the whole time…

Whatever the case, a photographer named Gerrard Gethings takes amazing photos of people and their pets who really do look JUST like each other. I’m actually pretty shocked that he’s found this many combos to photograph, but they’re all great!

Let’s take a look at his work.

1. Them’s fighting words.

This one is awesome!

2. Like two peas in a pod.

Like father, like son.

3. Reach for the sky!

Hey, they really do match.

4. These two were pretty much separated at birth.

I’m glad they found each other.

5. These two were made for each other.

Sometimes, life just works out the way it should.

6. Bask in their glory!

I love these two! What a pair!

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These two. #doyoulooklikeyourdog

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7. I’m pretty sure these two are related.

Yup. No doubt about it.

8. They mean business.

So don’t mess with them, okay?

9. Yes! This is what I’m talking about!

You can tell these two are best friends.

10. This is simply magnificent.

Both of them obviously have excellent hair.

11. Why so serious?

Come on, laugh a little bit!

12. Bless me Father, for I have sinned.

And I need the dog’s blessing, as well.

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I love this pious pair. #doyoulooklikeyourdog

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Those are amazing!

And now we want to hear from you!

In the comments, show us some pics of your pets. And if you look like your pets, let’s see a side-by-side comparison.