What the heck would we do without our phones attached to our hips at all times?

And the reason I’m saying that is because of the cameras we have with us every single second of the day. Forget about the actual phone part of that contraption…I don’t need to be talking to anyone. EVER.

But I do like to take photos and so do all of these folks who have documented how their beloved dogs have grown up throughout the years.

Let’s take a look at some wholesome pics!

1. We all know that every dog has its favorite toy.

And he’s had this one for a while!


2. Best friends forever.

They are bonded for life.

Fifteen years later, still best friends.
byu/BufordTeeJustice inaww

3. His best friend is a brick.

Hey, to each their own, right?

Growing up with your best friend, the brick.
byu/PHIL-yes-PLZ inaww

4. She’s still got it!

Well, isn’t that nice and wholesome?

byu/concept07 inwoof_irl

5. That pooch is a survivor.

Here’s to many more!

My best friend has survived cancer twice and made it to 15 years old this week
byu/EUSharpie inrarepuppers

6. He’s growing into a real handsome boy.

And he looks like he’s loving his life!

1 year later
byu/Winter-Blueberry8170 inaww


I’m in love with this dog.

Two years to the day
byu/therealrico inaww

8. Her favorite boot.

She just got a tiny bit bigger, though.

Same boot, 3 years later
byu/fourNtwentyz inaww

9. Spending the holidays with your favorite.

You two make quite a pair!

Our 1st Christmas together and our 14th christmas together!
byu/_psa115_ inaww

10. They really do grow up fast.

What a cutie!

They grow up so fast
byu/TeisTom inaww

11. Turning into a HUGE boy!

That was quick!

8 weeks to 8 months
byu/gsdwarmachine inpics

12. You’re not a little puppy anymore!

But, boy, does he look as happy as ever!

My boy Ferris turned 3 today. He still thinks he’s as small as when he was a puppy.
byu/ZarZarBinks22 inaww

Now we want to see pics of the pooches in your house!

Please share them in the comments and introduce us to them.

We can’t wait! Thanks!