Enjoy These 15 Tweets About Hilarious Kids



Children are hilarious, aren’t they?

Well, at least we can call them entertaining, if nothing else.

And these kiddos definitely fit the bill.

Take a look for yourself.

1. He did a good job.

2. This kid rules!

3. Princess Hot Dog.

4. A monster in the making.

5. Hahahaha, I like this.

This kid is going places

6. Don’t quit your day job.

7. Not the worst design motif I’ve ever seen.

8. LOLz.

9. He’s doing it right!

10. That is brilliant.

11. Wonder what he’s finding in there…

12. A lovely sticker.

13. He has a future in entertainment.

14. Words of wisdom.

15. Don’t put nail polish on the dog!

Hey, the kids are alright.

I bet you LOL’d at those tweets!