15 Movie Plot Holes That Are Pretty Funny



How closely do you pay attention to the movies you’re watching? Do you just kind of zone out and enjoy them as mindless entertainment? Or do you study every little detail and analyze each element of the movie?

I’ll let you go ahead and guess which category these people fall into…

1. Tell me! How?!?!

2. That…is a little strange.

3. Let’s explore this a little further.

4. No body showers back in those days.


6. Why doesn’t anyone care?

7. Think about that one…

8. Riddle me that…

9. Seems a little extreme.

10. Why didn’t he throw a party?

11. Aren’t you a space ranger?

12. Hmmmmmm…

13. That is quite curious.

14. The whole thing just went up in smoke.

15. Not very realistic…

These folks were NOT messing around.

Maybe they should just go ahead and become film critics?