Listen, I do it, too. When I’ve had dogs in the past, I treated them like royalty…BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT THEY ARE.

You know what I’m saying, right?

Dogs are our best friends – they love us unconditionally, and therefore they deserve to be spoiled rotten.

The people who wrote these tweets definitely agree with me…

1. Just call it a dog bed.

2. Not you…

3. You’re absolutely right.

4. Why do you say that?

5. Maybe?

6. That’s a lie.

7. Living her best life.

8. Don’t upset the dog.

9. That’s totally normal.

10. Sorry, gotta go.

11. Hell no!

12. We all do this, right?

13. Party night!

14. The floor is fine for you.

15. Honey, we need to talk…

Do you have an extremely pampered pup?

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