There are fashion fails and then there are fashion DISASTERS.

Luckily for us, there’s an Instagram account out there called “Crimes Against Shoemanity” that puts major footwear offenses on blast.

What you’re about to see is very ugly…you’ve been warned.

1. Big noise makers.

2. On fire!

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Fires continue to rage on in Australia (my homeland) and there are still months of dry season to come. It’s estimated that 800 million animals have perished, destroying ecosystems and creating long lasting environmental effects. People have died and whole communities are gone. These are the effects of climate change and they will continue to worsen. If you can spare any money, please see the link in my stories for some places where you can donate to. And for the record I love these Prada shoes, the crime here is the Australian government’s denial and inaction against climate change. #crimesagainstshoemanity #australianbushfires

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3. Go out for a spin.

4. A very interesting choice.

5. These are unreal.

6. Yikes. Not cool.

7. Really doesn’t look comfortable at all.

8. Made out of sausages?

9. Get some air!

10. Are they still alive?

11. Clean the floor while you walk around.

12. The big cheese.

Yikes, those are pretty painful to look at…I can’t imagine stepping outside the house wearing any of those.

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