12 Really Dumb Things That People Have Said on Twitter



You have to think that people must realize that whatever they say on any social media platform could be recognized and then included in an article like this one.

And then they will carry shame for the rest of their lives…

Like a scarlet letter.

These folks definitely DID NOT think before they tweeted…

1. Sounds delicious!

2. A new, exotic country.

3. Must’ve been a miracle.

4. It’s my life!

5. But they will turn 10…and 20…and…

6. Be very careful.

7. Are you in Mensa?

8. Solid logic.

9. I prefer the Michael Wave.

10. They sound delicious!

11. The DiCaprio?

12. That’s a great question…


Remember to think before you tweet, okay?

Have you ever slipped up like this on social media and then felt kind of dumb about it?

Tell us all about it in the comments!