It’s always fun to drive or walk by a house that has really crazy decorations in the yard. There’s always THAT ONE house in the neighborhood that the kids are kind of afraid of and the neighbors wrinkle their nose at because they don’t think the style fits in…and maybe they’re a little bit scared.

Well, now it’s time to be inspired so YOU can be the person in your neighborhood who everyone is afraid of!

Yeah, YOU!

Having doll head planters around your house just kind of gives your neighbors the impression that you are not to be messed with…even though we know you’re a big softie at heart!

Let’s take a look at these planters so you can get some killer ideas…

1. Look deep into those black eyes.

And they will penetrate your soul…

2. Looks like the beginning of some kind of terrifying ritual.

Stand before the altar…

3. Now, these are pretty creepy.

They kind of look like they’re from the movie Apocalypto.

4. Ugh…don’t stare at this one for too long.

Now I’m getting scared.

5. A whole family of doll head planters!

They’re watching you…

6. A little Southwestern feel to them.

But they still get the job done.

7. The skin tone is very zombie-like.

The undead walk the Earth…

8. Day of the dead.

This one is pretty cool, you have to admit.

9. A BIG extended family.

You can strategically place these all over your yard.

10. I love the one with the pacifier.

They look like Garbage Pail Kids.

11. This one is a little bit disturbing, I must say.

Have you ever seen Alien?

Those are pretty cool, aren’t they?

They’re definitely unique, you have to agree with that.

Now we want to hear from all the readers out there.

Do you have a house like this where you live?

Or maybe the “weird house” in the area is where YOU live?

Talk to us in the comments so we get some ideas about ways to make our houses and yards really creepy!

Please and thank you!