Most of us think of chickens as a thing we eat, and not much else. And we’re missing out! Anyone who raises chickens knows that not only are they valuable for their eggs and eventually their meat, they’re also sweet, loving creatures that deserve TLC, just like any other household animal.

Well today, chickens are having their moment! Chicken owners have been making tiny tutus for their barnyard pals, and showing off the results on Instagram under the hashtag #chickentutu. Really, what more do you need from the Internet than this?


1. Move over, Black Swan.

2. A prima ballerina.

3. Plié!

4. Jeté!


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My typical farm wear is a t-shirt (more often than not with a ? on it) @carhartt work pants covered in a fair amount of mud and ?, and @sloggers covered in the same! ? It’s #FarmFashion for the @iamcountryside theme of the week and thankfully Raquel agreed to spare you from a messy selfie and model her adorable new #chickentutu from @thimbleworks! I think she looks fabulous ?don’t you? #totallyworthit ?????? despite the wee bit of grumbling about why one of the underlings didn’t have to do the photo shoot instead of her royal highness! ???? What’s your #FarmFashion style? Share it with us @iamcountryside this week! ?‍???????‍♀️?? #iamcountryside #countrysidechampion #backyardpoultrymag #ilovemychickens #crazychickenlady #chickensintutus #chickenoutfit #chickenlove #backyardpoultry #raisingchickens #poultryofinstagram #chickensofig #backyardchickens #igchickens #iamamodernfarmer #countryliving #chickensofinstagram #farmlifebestlife #farmlife #homesteading #lifeonthefarm #farmphotography #countryliving #funonthefarm #funwithchickens

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5. Echappé!

6. Arabesque!

7. Save the last dance.

8. Barnyard Baryshnikov

9. The Snow Queen

10. Chicks dig tutus, too.


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I love chickens. I love chickens in tutus even more. ?? Meet 3 of my favs – Speck, Goldie Hen and Retro ❤️ People have chickens for many different reasons including eggs, meat, bug control or in my case as spoiled pets as evidenced by custom made tutus and our photographer including them in our family pictures. I get all kinds of looks and statements made when I talk about my “feathered babies” but truly they make me happy. Find what makes you happy and embrace it fully. ? As for me, I’m going to keep loving on my chickens (these are 3 of my 15 and counting total). #farmher #chickensintutus #silkies #homesteadliving #virginialiving #crazychickenlady #featheredbabies #chickenmama #lovelife #embraceyourweirdness

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11. Ballet really works up an appetite.

12. She can’t fly, but she can soar.

13. So graceful.

14. So elegant.

15. When you know you look good.



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