Parenting is a skill, and like any skill, there are numerous resources available to help a parent improve their game. But no baby book or blog could possibly prepare a parent for every possible scenario. Children are just too complicated. This forces parents to get creative to get the job done, and come up with their own unique parenting hacks.

Below are 15 parenting cheat codes. Some of these parenting hacks are inventive ways to make your chid’s life a little better. Others are more like tricks to make your life a little easier. Either way, they’ll come in handy. And if you’ve got any parenting hacks of your own, let us know! (via Bored Panda.)


1. Recycle your old crib into a kid-sized work or crafting space.

2. Let your toddler “paint” the fence with water–which lets you get yard work done.


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3. Keep your personal candy stash inside a bag of frozen veggies.

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4. Make housework fun by turning chores into games.

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5. Use an old coffee lid to make popsicle time mess-free.

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6. Make taking medicine easier with a little subterfuge.

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7. Turn old toilet paper rolls into a garage for toy cars.

Photo Credit: Frugal Fun 4 Boys

8. Use “Slick paint” to make slip-free socks. Bonus points for a fun design!

9. Take a fitted sheet to the beach to keep out sand.

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10. Chop up a pool noodle to make your trampoline safer.

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11. Bring peace to the back seat with cardboard dividers.

12. A bedsheet makes a handy under-the-table hammock.

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13. Freeze marshmallows to make a gentler ice pack.

14. Baby won’t hold still for a photoshoot? Get Dad.

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15. Use butcher paper to make an endless drawing area.

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16. When your kid starts kindergarten, take a photo of them in a large shirt with their graduating year on it. Then retake the photo each year as they grow into it.

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h/t: Bored Panda