I don’t think that too many Americans have visited Finland, but I am one of those people!

I went there back in 2003 for a few days when I was doing a backpacking trip with my brother.

One thing I can say for certain is that it was COLD. Why we decided to go to Finland in FEBRUARY is beyond me, but we were young and indestructible…kind of…

Anyway, we enjoyed our time there and we drank a lot of vodka, so everything came up roses. But still, Finland is a unique place that most folks out there don’t know about…

So let’s check out what’s going on on the “Very Finnish Problems” Instagram page to get the inside scoop.

1. Maybe the trade-off would be worth it?

I really don’t like mosquitoes…not gonna lie.


2. They sure are innovative over there.

This is genius!


3. Just another day…

The weather really isn’t the greatest…


4. Dark and gray…

You gotta be tough to deal with this all year.


5. Out on patrol.

Never seen that before!


6. You’re allowed to smile for exactly one second.

Then it’s back to the norm.


7. It was a different time.

20 miles in blizzards each way. Every day.


8. Join the party!

This looks kind of intense.


9. Not the cheeriest people on the planet.

You just have to get to know them…


10. I love this!

They really do look like a metal band!


11. Get to bed now!

Can’t you see it’s dark outside?


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