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1. A lot of people would probably appreciate this thing.

If you have hard-to-find veins, you know what I’m talking about.

My veins under a hospital vein finder from mildlyinteresting

2. Chess for beginners.

We all gotta start somewhere.

This chess set from 1972 has the valid moves for each piece stamped on their bases, making the game much easier for beginners to learn from mildlyinteresting

3. These might be sticking around for a while, don’t you think?

Or maybe even forever…

Social distancing escalator at local mall. from mildlyinteresting

4. I’d like the meet the genius who thought this up!

They deserve a medal or something. Or maybe some free beer…?

This pitcher with a separate section for ice from mildlyinteresting

5. Another stroke of genius.

I think I need to buy a new car…

My dad’s new car has cup holders that can warm up your drink or cool it down from mildlyinteresting

6. I’ve never seen one of these before.

But I’m totally into it!

My local hypermarket grows some of it’s own vegetables. from mildlyinteresting

7. We could all probably use one of these.

We’re gonna be late!

This clock at my grandparents house is backwards so it faces the right way in the mirror while you’re getting ready. from mildlyinteresting

8. I believe that beer is mine.

So get your hands off of it!

This beer can lets you point tab at your initial so you know which can is yours. from mildlyinteresting

9. This is pretty cool.

Don’t use too much oil ever again!

My new wok has circles for measuring oil from mildlyinteresting

10. Okay, which card did you lose this time?

This sure would come in handy.

This deck of cards has a blank for a replacement if a card is lost from mildlyinteresting

11. I love this idea!

Now no one can tell you that you have a few screws loose. Get it?

My wife got me a magnet bracelet for holding on to screws as I fix things from mildlyinteresting

12. Just pop the top like you just can’t stop.

Drink up!

Coconut with a pop top from mildlyinteresting

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