The cats in these photos are OG: Original Gangsters. They’re not here to play, and if you mess with them, there’s gonna be hell to pay.

These felines are rolling in the dough and they won’t think twice about messing you up.

Trust me on this one…just keep your distance…

1. Countin’ all day.

2. Don’t let that face fool you.

3. On her stash.

4. All decked out.

Gangsta Cat

5. Stacking that paper.

6. Treating it like catnip.

7. Evil eyes.

8. Fork it over.

9. A trio of trouble.

10. Love the necklace.

Does your cat think he or she is a badass gangsta?

You know you can’t keep that kind of stuff to yourself!

Share some pics with us in the comments, please!