I love Halloween.

It’s my favorite holiday.

You can keep your Thanksgiving and your Easter.

I want it to be spooky, fun, and a little bit unpredictable.

And I think a lot of my fellow Americans feel the same way!

But the reality is that a lot of people who don’t live in the U.S. think that our Halloween traditions are a little bit over the top. And crazy. And they have some questions.

Take a look…

1. It’s a very special place…

Where your dreams will come true!

2. You better believe it!

What…you don’t where you live?

3. You can NEVER take it too seriously.

Just trust me on this one…

4. I typically make my own every year.

Buy a suit from the thrift store and splatter it with blood!


5. I wish it went on longer.

That’s some real talk!


6. That’s an urban legend.

But I’m sure it happens sometimes…

7. Well, it depends on who you talk to…

Those seeds, though…

8. It’s just the way it goes.

Ain’t no shame in our game!

9. It’s much more intense than the movies.

You better believe it!


10. Of course we do!

Next question!


11. Now that is a great idea!

Not yet, unfortunately…


12. Really, really trusting people do this.

Bless their hearts…

How are you going to celebrate Halloween this year?

And what are you going to dress up as?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know!

And share some photos of your costumes!

We can’t wait to hear from you, friends!