There’s the Papier-Mâché that we’re all used to that we did as kids and then there’s the Papier-Mâché that can truly blow you away.

And what you’re about to see is definitely in the latter category.

These incredibly creative masks come to us from an artist named Liz Sexton.

Let’s take a look!

1. Pufferfish on the loose.

2. How’d you like to run into them?

3. Fantastic foxes.

4. Looks like that movie The Strangers.

5. Fish head and friend.

6. Seal in the snow.

7. Rats in the subway.

8. Birds of prey.

9. Vampire bats.

10. Emerging from the depths.

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11. A sea turtle on land.

Those are crazy!

Have you ever created something pretty cool with Papier-Mâché?

Show us some photos of your work in the comments, please!