Have you ever heard the term “pareidolia” before?

It means seeing patterns in random objects. And if you pay attention and look for them, you really will start to see things in different things.

You’ll especially start to see a lot of FACES everywhere you look.

Here are 13 good examples of this phenomenon…

1. I see it!

Photo Credit: The-Nicest-Pictures

2. Kind of upset…

3. A little off-centered.

4. Definitely concerned.

5. Kind of looks like E.T.

6. Oh no!

7. Well, hello there!

8. Why the long face?

9. Up to no good.

10. Looks pretty mischievous.


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12. Googly eyes.

13. Serious as hell.

Now that I’ve seen these, I think I’m going to start seeing faces everywhere I look.

Do you notice examples of pareidolia a lot when you’re out and about?

Share some photos with us in the comments and talk to us about it!