Not everyone is skinny. I’d argue that most people are on the heftier side of the scale and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Not at all, actually!

A whole bunch of women took to Twitter to show off their weight gain and they look absolutely fabulous.

And I think you’re going to agree with me after you look at their photos.

Let’s check them out!

1. Grown woman weight.

And looking great!

2. What a beauty.

She looks amazing.

3. Twenty years later.

Rockin’ it!

4. Wow! A big difference.

And owning it!

5. Over the years.

A great evolution.

6. A proud mama.

She looks great.

7. Twenty-five pounds later.

What a beauty!

8. Nice work!

You’re killin’ it!

9. It works wonders.

Ravishing in blue.

10. A big improvement, I think.

A natural woman.

11. All grown up now.

25 years old…

12. A fashion plate.

No matter what the weight!

13. A stunner!

Lookin’ hot!

Have you lost or gained a lot of weight recently and you want to give us an update?

Share your photos and your stories with us in the comments!

And congratulations!