I have a feeling that these embarrassing tweets are going to trigger some of your own personal humiliating moments…I think they did for me.

But triggered we will all be very soon!

Because people spoke openly on Twitter about things that really embarrassed the heck out of them…and we’re all gonna laugh at them.

Not WITH them, AT them!

You ready? Let’s do it!

1. Just kill ’em.

What a world that would be.

2. They’re not real?

Now I’m depressed.

3. Top or bottom in the bumpbeds.

No shame in this one…

4. He’s just chillin’.

That was his chill spot.

5. Oh, boy…

Good thing that was cleared up.

6. A big mouth.

Batman needs to go to the dentist.

7. Try the other way.


8. Turn on the AC.

Wait a second…

9. A lot of folks did!

And the, color was invented…

10. An army of primates.

Makes sense, I guess.

11. The black market.

Where’s my cart?

12. All the music in the world…

Is stored right under there!

How about you?

What’s your most embarrassing misunderstanding?

Tell us all about it in the comments!