Halloween 2019 produced a lot of epic costumes. Heck, I even saw some with my own eyes – not even on social media!

Halloween may be over, but let’s take some time to appreciate some of the best costumes from 2019.


1. That paperclip!

This amazing Halloween costume
byu/BraySC infunny

2. The crowd was fired up.

3. That’s pretty accurate.

My gfs badass Post Malone costume for Halloween
byu/Camfran33 infunny

4. An homage to White Girls.


5. Creepy kids always win.


6. Nice work!

7. This kid is NOT feelin’ it.

8. That’s on point.


9. This is fantastic!

10. Complete with a backflip.


11. Probably won some contests.

Mother/Son ‘Black Panther’ Halloween Costume
byu/oligarchyoligarchy inpics

12. Very tropical.

13. A lot of work went into this.

Every year I’m able to talk my family into doing Halloween as a group costume… This year we were hoping to win the trophy. (even though we don’t enter any contests…)
byu/unsponsor inpics

14. She was in that pose all night.


15. So good…

Did you have a great costume for Halloween this year or see some folks who did?

If so, show us your photos in the comments, please!