These artificial intelligence robots are getting a little out of control, don’t you think?

It seems like every week or so, we come across another news story about how different AI technology is complicating the lives of everyday folks…

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Chatbots have been writing religious sermons and it’s leaving people feeling a little uneasy. Religious leaders admit that these robots can come up with competent sermons but, as Hershael York, a pastor in Kentucky says, “It lacks a soul – I don’t know how else to say it.”

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York went on to say that lazy pastors might take advantage of this option, “but not the great shepherds, the ones who love preaching, who love their people.”

And a rabbi in New York named Joshua Franklin said “I thought truck drivers were going to go long before the rabbi, in terms of losing our positions to artificial intelligence” after his followers applauded after he revealed that a chatbot had written the sermon he delivered.

Rabbi Franklin added, “ChatGPT might be really great at sounding intelligent, but the question is, can it be empathetic? And that, not yet at least, it can’t. Those are the things that bring us together.”

Mike Glenn, a pastor in Tennessee, said, “I’m not buying it. AI will never be able to preach a decent sermon. Why? Because the gospel is more than words. It’s the evidence of a changed life.”

Glenn also said, “When listening to a sermon, what a congregation is looking for is evidence that the pastor has been with Jesus. AI will always have to – literally – take someone else’s words for it… it won’t ever be a sermon that will convince anyone to come and follow Jesus.”

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We live in strange times, my friends…

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