Put yourself in the shoes of a police detective on your favorite show (bring your own sunglasses!) and try to solve this crime – you’ll need a keen eye to pick out the one detail that will give the answer away!

A Christmas Crime

Photo Credit: Brightside

It’s Christmas morning, and you’ve got a call. You drive to the address in question, ring the doorbell, and greet the sleepy apartment owner. When he asks what you want, you tell him:

“I have to carefully inspect your apartment. Your neighbor says that yesterday, Christmas Eve, he came to your place for a party. And while he was singing songs along with your family next to your Christmas tree, shining with multicolored lights, you broke into his apartment and stole a number of valuable items.“

The owner tells you:

”That’s not true! Our family celebrated Christmas Eve at our friends’ place. We went to them in the afternoon. I barely had time to decorate the Christmas tree before we left. We returned back home way past midnight and went to sleep right away. If you want, I can wake my wife and son up, and they’ll confirm all I’ve said.“

But you’ve already realized that his neighbor is a liar, based on what you’ve seen, and tell the owner to go back to bed.



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Answer: Did you spot the missing bulb?

Photo Credit: Brightside

There’s a missing bulb on the Christmas tree, and the rest of the lights couldn’t have worked without it. So the neighbor was lying when he said they all sang carols around the tree shining with multi-colored lights.


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h/t: Brightside