Most of us consider our eyebrows in one of two ways. Either we see them as a nuisance that needs constant grooming just so we can leave the house, or we ignore them completely for years or decades at a time. (I’m in the latter camp.) But I’m here to tell you that in fact, eyebrows are a blank canvas waiting to be turned into art and shared on Instagram. And the latest eyebrow masterpiece? Bow brows:

Photo Credit: Lisette Scheffler

The mad scientist who came up with them is German makeup enthusiast Lisette Scheffler, who told POPSUGAR she was inspired by other recent eyebrow art. “I just saw how all of the brow trends became very popular in the past and thought it would be funny to create my own, and so I came up with the bow brows.”

Bow eyebrows are pretty much what they sound like. Your actual eyebrow will serve as the tied ends of the bow. You start with your favorite eyebrow fill-in product–Scheffler’s weapons of choice were a Maybelline brow satin pencil for filling in, and Benefit brow gel for definition. Then you simply draw a couple loops on top of each eyebrow, and bingo: it’s Christmas on your face.

When Scheffler posted her bow brow selfie, she never expected it to get much attention. But it promptly went viral, and soon beauty bloggers like Marissa Cooper were making their own attempts:

Photo Credit: Marissa Cooper

And just so you know, the people who make eyebrow are are well aware of how mad people get about it on social media. It’s important to remember that all of this eyebrow art is being done in the name of experimentation. Nobody is trying to invent the next makeup trend for everyone to wear. Scheffler herself said, “To be honest, I don’t think anyone would leave the house like this, but one girl re-created my bow-brow look and told me that it was really funny. It’s all about fun and creativity.”

So you really don’t need to worry about seeing bow brows at your grocery store or your Online Content Support Group.

Unless we’re talking about high heel brows. That one IS going to be a trend soon, and if you don’t learn how to paint them, you will be deservedly ostracized.

Photo Credit: Allure