Level with us: how’s your marriage going?

How much time do you and your spouse typically argue over how the dishwasher is loaded?

On average, who usually wins the fights about what is for dinner AND who would you consider the king or queen of correct laundry procedures in your household?

If you’re married, you know exactly what I’m talking about…and we’re here to laugh about all that kind of stuff today.

So go hide a closet somewhere and have a few laughs before you get yelled at! Enjoy!

1. A lot of people are living this right now.

Ladies, please speak up about this.

2. She always knows.

You need a new hiding spot.

3. Yay! It’s the time of the season.

He’s in for a big surprise, huh?

4. Just stop counting!

I hate it when they do that.

5. Look on the bright side.

They’re gonna love you at da club.

6. That seems fair.

Hey, we get it…

7. Just let her live her life!

Is that too much to ask?

8. I heard a loud bang on 10th Street?

Can someone please confirm what that was?

9. Really? You expect me to believe that?

I wasn’t born yesterday!

10. Well…it looks like it’s over.

No marriage can live through this.

11. You might have really messed things up.

You need to have a better strategy!

12. Uh oh…this might get ugly.

Are you ready for this barrage?

Okay, now it’s your turn!

Are YOU married?

If so, give us an update about how it’s going during the pandemic.

Supply us with the dirt in the comments. Thanks!