Big Brother is real, people!

And, apparently, it’s alive and well at Amazon…

Yes, all kinds of jobs these days are becoming dominated by technology more and more, but are some companies going too far with artificial intelligence?

And is it too intrusive on the privacy of employees?

A delivery driver for the company shared a video on TikTok where she described the various tracking systems in Amazon delivery vans and how workers are cited for all kinds of violations while working.

She said delivery drivers are monitored at all times and the artificial intelligence makes mistakes and sometimes cites drivers for mistakes that they don’t actually make.

This is pretty wild, check out what she had to say about how all of this monitoring works.

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Now let’s see what folks who saw the video on TikTok had to say about this.

One person stated the obvious and said,

“That’s way too much micro-management.”

Another TikTok viewer commented,

“Would never ever drive for a company that gave me a violation for taking a drink.”

One viewer said,

“Talk about having a boss breathing down your shoulder…”

And one individual isn’t buying the official explanation and said,

“It’s NOT for safety, it’s to make sure if ANYTHING goes wrong and someone sues the company, they want to know every detail of what happened.”

What do you think about this?

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