Attention, folks!

We have a very special message to pass on to you today and it’s DEFINITELY in your best interest to pay attention!

How many of you out there pay absolutely ZERO attention to the pennies that you receive?

I’d say that most of us do…but we’re here to tell you that you should sort through your pennies so you can keep an eye out for one that is worth a whole lotta cash.

A “double die error” occurs when the design dies on coins are accidentally doubled during manufacturing. This results in an offset of the images and it looks like images are doubled on the coins.

Here’s an example of a 1955 double die penny. Take a look at the double type.

And one of these coins recently sold on eBay for $2,050 because they are so rare.

Photo Credit: eBay

The 1955 double die Lincoln penny is unique because you can see the errors on the coin without magnification.

And the 1955 penny isn’t the only coin with errors that is worth a lot of cash. A 1983 penny that has no mint mark indicating where the coin was made could be worth up to $7,000.

This video gives more detail about this particular coin.

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So go sort through your loose change and see if you have a goldmine on your hands!

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Do you know of some other items that we might not pay attention to that could potentially be worth a lot of money?

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