Have you been to the grocery store lately?

It’s rough out there!

Prices are way up and a trip to get a week’s worth of food can really set you back…

So maybe we can all learn a lesson from a young woman named Vivian Tu, who has been open and honest about how she saved money over the course of two years by not buying groceries…and going on six dates a week.

Tu did this between 2016-2018 and she said she saved about $150 per week.

She’s known on TikTok for offering money tips about all kinds of things, including this tax tip regarding your pets.

Tu says she had just moved to New York City as a 22-year-old and she realized that she was saving a significant amount of money by going on a lot of dates.

She received some backlash from people about her method after her story went viral, but Tu emphasizes that she didn’t go on dates just looking for a free meal and that she was actually looking for a connection during her early years in the Big Apple. She also points out that she did split the check with her dates from time to time.

But still, not paying for groceries for TWO WHOLE YEARS is pretty wild.

@yourrichbff Between 2016-2018 I didnt buy groceries once. Probably saved about $150 a week. #money #lifehack #finance #dating #nyc ♬ jealous girl lana del rey – h.

Check out everything Tu had to say about her experience in her interview with Elite Daily HERE.

Pretty impressive, don’t you think?

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