I can see letting a few cents difference slide here and there when you’re being rung up for an item at a store, but jumping from $4 to $92?

That’s quite a markup!

And I can see why anyone would be p**sed off about this…especially when you get employees at a store talking about of both sides of their mouths.

Now, on to the story: a woman named Chyna posted a video on TikTok where she talked about how she was charged $92 for a $4 pair of pants at Walmart. The pants didn’t have a price tag on them but an employee told her they were $4 when she tried them on.

And then she got a big surprise when she went to check out…

And that’s when things really went off the rails…

Check out what she had to say in her video.

@cottoncandied #walmart #theif #clearance #liar ♬ original sound – Chyna

And here’s what folks said on TikTok in response to her video.

One person asked,

“2 employees saw $92 for pants at Walmart & no bells went off in their heads?”

And another viewer said,

“I’m concerned that those 2 employees believed that WALMART would be selling $92 pants.”

A TikTokker made a good point and said,

“The amount of work that goes into just resolving this issues is so not worth it, or the attitude from the employees.”

And one person asked,

“Do Walmart employees make enough to be THAT invested?”

Have you ever been wrongly charged like this?

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