Who wants to save money when they go shopping?

Let’s see a show of hands…

Okay, it looks like EVERYONE wants to save money…no surprise there, right?

You better believe it!

So you’re probably going to want to pay attention to what this woman had to say in a TikTok video about how she saves money at Target when she uses the self-checkout aisles.

There are a couple of parts to this secret, so pay attention, okay?

Take a look at what she had to say…

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And here’s how folks reacted on TikTok.

One person said,

“I tried that once and a thing popped up saying a worker was coming to check that I had that many.”

And another viewer added,

“I did 3 bags once and it called a team member over.”

One TikTokker commented,

“I held my two items in my hand in did that and got yelled at because ‘my hands aren’t a bag.'”

And another individual added,

“I did this one time and the checkout lady threw a fit and tried to embarrass me in front of everyone.”

This person didn’t seem to appreciate this video and said,

“Please don’t ruin this for us who actually bring a reusable bag.”

Another commented,

“Y’all don’t ruin it for a few cents.”

And one more TikTokker said,

“I do this but I actually bring 9 or more bags as proof.”

Well, it seems like people are pretty divided on this one…

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