Well, do you feel lucky…?

They say that persistence pays off in life…and sometimes it’s worth it to keep up with your familiar habits because you never know when you’ll get lucky and win some major cash.

And a Canadian man named John Harris learned that lesson in a major way. Harris has been playing the lottery faithfully since the 1980s finally hit the jackpot…and his big win happened to occur on his birthday. Talk about a stroke of luck!

Harris purchased a $5 Instant Bingo Doubler ticket at Rosco’s Mini Mart in Dresden, Ontario, and won almost $75,000.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Harris waited until he got home to scratch off his ticket and said, “I saw the number 32 and thought I may have a big win. I kept scratching, and I was so shocked to find out I matched all the numbers.”

Harris added, “The next day was my birthday, so I went to the store to have my ticket checked. It was a great birthday present!”

Photo Credit: Jam Press

Harris said he’s going to use his winnings to buy a new iPhone and he’ll spend some of it on his daughter’s upcoming wedding in Costa Rica. He also said he’ll share some of the money with his granddaughter.

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