Some true crime cases totally capture the public’s imagination and the Alex Murdaugh trial and the story surrounding his strange case definitely fit the bill.

The Murdaugh trial seemed to have all the ingredients that made people interested and millions tuned into the proceedings.

Murdaugh was convicted for the 2021 k**lings of his wife and his 22-year-old son, Paul, and was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.

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A member of the jury that convicted Murdaugh for his crimes spoke out after the trial concluded and said that one key piece of evidence convinced him that Murdaugh was guilty.

Juror Craig Moyer said that it was clear that Alex Murdaugh’s voice was on a cell phone video that was shot the night of the crime and placed him near the scene. Murdaugh denied being in the area that evening.

Moyer said, “I was certain it was Murdaugh’s voice. Everybody else could hear Murdaugh’s voice, too.”

Moyer added that he thought Murdaugh was a “good liar, but not good enough” and he said, “I didn’t see any true remorse or any compassion or anything.”

Moyer also said, “He never cried. All he did was blow snot. No tears.”

Check out the video below to see Craig Moyer talking about the Murdaugh trial.

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