If you’ve stayed at an Airbnb lately, you might have noticed that some property owners who are renting out their houses and apartments have more rules than others.

And some seem to be taking things WAY too far with rules and regulations.

A video posted to TikTok shows a man showing viewers all the notes posted around an apartment with rules and regulations for the rental property…and boy, are there plenty of them!

They include no spraying of perfume or cologne inside…and there’s a warning that the property is under surveillance…

Check out the video below.

@airbnbhorrorstory No smoking. Okay. I get that. And maybe the toilet. I get weak pipes. But the rest are a little insane. #airbnbtiktok #airbnbhost #airbnbexperience #airbnb #travel #traveltiktok #fyp #holiday #beach #vacation #weekendgetaway #airbnbnightmare ♬ original sound – Airbnb Horror Story 🩸

And here’s another video that speaks for itself…wow!

@airbnbhorrorstory Okay. I understand this one. There are weak pipes and septics out there. I just think that it’s funny that it looks like a Scott tissue commerical. #airbnb #airbnbnightmare #airbnbstory #tissue #toilet #paper #vacation #holiday #rental #weekendvibes #weekendgetaway #montauk #newyork #longisland #karen #freak ♬ original sound – Airbnb Horror Story 🩸

Now check out how folks reacted to these videos on TikTok.

One person shared their own Airbnb horror story and said,

“Just paid $5k for a place and they tried to charge me for ELECTRICITY.”

Another viewer commented,

“Stayed at one in the winter. The house would get to 85 F w/ the heat set at 60. The host said yeah, it gets a lil toasty. Had to open windows to cool the place.”

This person is clearly done with the company and said,

“Airbnb is a joke these days! Hotels the only way to go.”

And one viewer commented,

“They act like they are doing us a favor by letting us stay. Like we ain’t paying.”

Another TikTokker sounds like they’re done with Airbnb altogether:

“We are back to hotels in 2023 right? All in agreement?”

What’s your worst Airbnb story?

Sound off in the comments and let us know.

Thanks, friends!