Well, this sounds like quite an offer to turn down, don’t you think….?

Also, we live in a strange world, folks…

Let’s get into the details: a Brazilian influencer named Lara Jucá who has one million Instagram followers said a follower of hers who is obviously smitten offered her $66,743.47 per month to date him….I think we can all agree that’s a lot of cash.

Jucá is known for her bikini photos and other risqué content and it seems like this fella with deep pockets was pretty impressed with her.

The long distance relationship contract would last six months and would come out to about $800,000 in U.S. currency if they extended the relationship and it went longer than a year. Jucá said that both of them would be allowed to see other people during their relationship.

But the bombshell clearly wasn’t too impressed with the offer, which she called “unbelievable” and asked “how far does people’s madness go?”

Some followers accused Jucá of making the story up to get publicity but the influencer claims that it’s all true.

Like I said, we live in a strange world…

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