A family in Connecticut got the surprise of their lives when they discovered that a black bear had been hibernating under their deck. The family’s dog was growling and acting strange around the area where the bear was hibernating and that tipped them off.

Check out the video of this sleepy guy…he looks pretty cute…from a distance.

@abc7ny Beary Sleepy 🐻💤 A Connecticut family found a hibernating bear under their deck. Tap the link in our bio for more. #abc7ny #bear #martythebear #hibernation #news #fyp ♬ original sound – ABC7NY

Here’s another shot from the TikTok account of the family who found the big guy relaxing under the deck.

@thetrendytransparent #bears #newengland #bearsinct ♬ original sound – Tyler Dashukewich

And here’s an update video on the bear that they named Marty.

He looks pretty groggy so I guess he still needs some rest.

@thetrendytransparent Marty is chillin #bears #bearsinct #martythebear #plainvillect ♬ original sound – Tyler Dashukewich

Tyler Dashukewich was told that they could shine bright lights under the porch or make loud noises to try to get Marty to leave, but he said, “We are keeping the bear where he is since he is not bothering us.”

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