You never know what kind of twists and turns the world is going to take, or what sort of pinch you might find yourself in one day. But if you stock up on these 7 handy items, the chances will be a bit lower than some random event will end your life.


#7. A rescue beacon.

Photo Credit: Twitter

You should have one of these in your car and in your bag, because you really never know when you’re going to need to be found in the middle of nowhere. Make your mother happy. Try this one on for size!

#6. This venom extractor.

Photo Credit: Sawyer Products

Extra important if you or someone you love is allergic to bee or wasp stings, but it could also work for ant bites, small snake bites, etc.

#5. A LifeStraw.

Photo Credit: LifeStraw

Hey, you might think we live in a world where clean, available water is a given, but just ask the people in Flint, MI how true that turned out to be. This handy straw has a built-in filter that makes any water safe to drink.

#4. A pocket slingshot.

Photo Credit: The Pocket Shot

Perfect for those apocalyptic days when you need to bring down a rabbit for dinner or knock out a member of a rival gang in the new world order.

But seriously.

#3. Shark repellant.

Photo Credit: Sharkbanz

They say that your chances of being attacked by a shark are extremely small, but I have to think that percentage goes up the more time you spend in the ocean. So, if you’re a diver or surfer or just someone who spends tons of time in the salty water, you might want to invest in this bracelet that emits ultrasound signals that will put off any nearby sharks looking for a snack.

#2. This smart float.

Photo Credit: USafe

If you throw this bad boy out to someone who has abandoned ship or fallen overboard, you can guide it to them – and back – by remote control. It’s also self-propelled in case they’re too weak to move.

#1. An external antennae.

Photo Credit: goTenna

If you’re someone who spends time in the woods or off the grid (or again, someone preparing for the inevitable breakdown of Western society), then this puppy could be the thing that saves your life. The goTenna works when there are no mobile networks to speak of but allows smart gadget users to stay online even without a link. You can send messages and GPS coordinates on a private network up to 50 miles.