It’s not that I ever wanted to be a model, but there have been times (pretty much all the time) when I’d like to look as though I could be comfortably photographed. Well, with the help of these 7 tricks, it might be possible – but only if I (and you!) find the motivation to follow them!

#7. Wash your face differently.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Soap-based products remove your makeup…along with the outer layer of your skin’s protective layer. For a gentler approach, use wipes or a hydrophilic oil you follow up with toner.

Fun fact: you can swap sparkling water for toner and save some serious $$!

#6. Use your hand to support your chin.

Photo Credit: Instagram

This is helpful for diminishing the appearance of a double chin in photographs, but also for keeping good posture and checking that the skin around your chin and neck doesn’t sag. Give it a try the next time you’re just sitting around!

#5. Exfoliate.

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Use a scrub on your legs both before and after you shave to keep them silky smooth and soft.

#4. Throw a scarf over your head while changing clothes to keep your makeup from smudging.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Because the only thing worse than deodorant smears is foundation smears around the collar.

#3. Check your underwear drawer.

Photo Credit: The Knot

Pick something nude that fits close to the skin, in a fabric that doesn’t cling to other fabrics – you’ll have the confidence to sport any outfit in a photo!

#2. Soft and shiny skin.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

The trick? Use something with reflective particles, like glittery eyeshadow or a bit of highlighter. You can mix it in with your favorite moisturizer for a one-stop-shop!

#1. Perfect your lipstick.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

A simple dab of vaseline on your lips will keep the color shiny – and right where you want it.

h/t: Brightside